Pictures from the day of the groundbreaking

No matter what the sport, players need to be able to support and improve the effect of training on their cheap nike free 5.0 . Players after the season needs to be rigorous and hard training to improve and strive to do better in the race. Nike free-inspired training shoe, with its innovation performance to help athletes feel better during training, moving more freely, and in this way continued to fuel fitness training revolution. cheap nike free 5.0 shoes design team members knew that athletes need to be able to withstand the rigorous training of trainers: trainers must be light and resilient, durable, multi-directional movement training can also provide support. Sneakers cheap nike free 5.0 physical training class on the series in the crafted shoe designs, and unique, innovative technologies. cheap nike free 5.0 shoes low cut design is used in this series, and keep the foot close to the ground as possible, so as to effectively help improve the effect of training, is a good fit for all kinds of action conversion of shoe. cheap nike free 5.0 design inspired by the popular cheap nike free 5.0,cheap nike free 5.0 platform with some advantages for Barefoot training, that is specifically designed to improve ball control and a good touch, fully meet the requirements of foot dynamic training before. By virtue of rules of natural movement and the perfect blend of technology, developed by the designers of the cheap nike free 5.0, cheap nike free 5.0 brings a revolution to the footwear industry, this is a revolutionary training shoe, it can simulate the natural movement of the foot mechanism. Wear Nike Free workout and are like barefoot training, or even better, it allows feet to maintain control and more robust. Barefoot feeling particularly suitable for fitness training, cheap nike free 5.0 is able to enhance the effect of movement and improve the grip and feel. Design simple vamp with a Dynamic Fit shoe cover, effect of having a glove-like fit, wearing comfort, bipedal and trainers fully in tune, like one to really achieve the "more and better" trick. Oblique pyramid flange is designed specifically for dynamic action, cheap nike free 5.0 in indoor and outdoor sports for athletes to provide the best traction effect. Comprehensive radiating outsole, heel and forefoot areas in particular are designed to meet the smooth conversion of the multidirectional movement demands.

For 5 months it looked like this…

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